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Native only to a band along the Pacific (black), rainbow trout have been introduced (dark gray) to every state and province in the United States and Canada, and across much of Mexico.  The USGS has a more detailed map here. Originally native to a narrow band around the Pacific from Baja Mexico to Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula, rainbow trout can now be found all over the world (countries shown in dark gray). State and federal agencies increased both the number and size of the fish they produced over the course of the twentieth century. By 2004, these agencies were stocking more than 40 million pounds of fish in the freshwaters of the United States every year, close to half of which were rainbow trout.  From: Halverson, MA. 2008. Stocking Trends: A Quantitative Review of Governmental Fish Stocking in the United States, 1931-1004. Fisheries 33(2):69-75

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